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"The choices you make do not only affect yourself, especially when it comes to skincare products. Ordinary products usually contain mineral oil, a substance nature struggles to decompose.
Instead of mineral oil, we choose to use renewable plant based oils, such as cold pressed vegetable oils and essential oils. Resource management is very important to us!"

Essential Oils and plant extracts have
been used in skin care and as medicine
for over 4 000 years.

Discover the wonderful and nourishing
oils and extracts in products from

The skin is our largest organ.
Take good care of it.




Maria Åkerberg skincare products are made by DERMANORD in Frillesås near the coast of Halland in Sweden. The raw materials come from carefully selected growers and suppliers around the world. You are always welcome to contact us, the ones who produce and develope the products, directly. We are in close contact with both our suppliers of raw materials and the ones using products: therapists, hairdressers, makeup artists and individuals.


We prefer raw materials from nature and do not use, for example, synthetic thickeners such as carbomer since they are difficult to break down in nature. We think that Xantan is a healthier option. Neither do we use synthetic oils, such as silicone, since they are suspected of being bioackumulative. Silicone can form formaldehyde on degradation, which is why we prefer to use vegetable oils.


We use natural alternatives such as vitamins and essential oils to extend the shelf life of our products. Therefore, our range is 100 % natural, no products contain parabens.


In many other skincare products, not ours though, glycerine and collagen taken from slaughterhouse waste can be found. It is usually impossible to decipher if a product contains materials made from slaughterhouse waste, just by looking at the list of ingredients.

If one imposes no ethical dimension to it, the skin has nothing against animal ingredients per se, but here at DERMANORD, we see no reason to use them since there are better, vegetable options available, including glycerine derived from Rapeseed Oil. Vegetable options are also guaranteed BSE (mad cow disease) free.

Beeswax is used in, for example, our Hand Cream, Lip Care, Face Balm, Baby Care, Face Protection, Blueberry Seed Mask, Foot Balm and Moulding Cream.


Animal testing is prohibited within the EU, but we wouldn´t do it even if it was allowed.

To sell products to China, the products have to be animal tested, and that is why we have chosen not to export there. Allergy tested products means they are tested on animals.


All ingredients are controlled in a laboratory before they are allowed to be used in our products. The final products are thorougly tested in the laboratory and on people.


We only use non-genetically modified raw materials.