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The carbon dioxide-debate is ongoing on all levels! Political climate targets are to be reached and the discussion is hot over how and when. The reason is that carbon dioxide emissions affect our lives directly. When our emissions affect temperature, it leads to changes in everything from food production to our health. On behalf of DERMANORD – Svensk Hudvård AB, we take this seriously and have therefore created a brand new type of packaging.

On Mikael Åkerberg's initiative, we are first on the Swedish market to use toxic-free bottles made out of carbon dioxide neutral Bioplastic. This means that the environment does not get strained when producing this type of plastic. It is made out of sugar cane instead of petroleum, which conventional plastic is made out of, and sugare cane needs carbon dioxide to grow.

When our bottles are burned, they release water and carbon dioxide that is later taken up by the sugar cane. Carbon dioxide is also used in the process of making plastics, which makes the total process not only neutral but additional levels of carbon dioxide is needed. All our bottles of all sizes are made out of Bioplatics, guaranteed to be toxic-free, carbon dioxide neutral and free from petroleum.

We are very proud of this!

Please place empty bottles in the recycling bin together with conventional plastics.