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Maria Åkerberg Blender Sponge
Maria Åkerberg Blender Sponge.
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Maria Åkerberg Makeup
MÅ Blender Sponge is a super soft, egg-shaped makeup sponge without edges. It lets you create a flawless base, by blending and smoothing out the makeup-products that you apply to the skin.

It is also excellent for applying serum and cream, which can be helpful for very sensitive skin that is reactive to touch. In this case, use one MÅ Blender Sponge for makeup and another for skincare products.

Wet the sponge, then wring out most of the water. You only want it to be slightly moist. This will make your foundation stay on the surface instead of being absorbed, into the sponge.

Do not put foundation directly onto the sponge. Instead, place a dollop on the back of your hand, and dip the rounded end of the sponge into it. Then apply foundation by dabbing it onto the skin, to create a smooth, long-lasting result.

When the foundation is in place, it is time for some fine-tuning. The pointed end is perfect for applying concealer where you want more coverage, for example under the eyes.

MÅ Blender Sponge can also be used to apply powder. It creates an even, opaque result, whether the powder is pressed or loose.

If you want to add contouring, MÅ Blender Sponge is the ideal tool. Apply contouring products as usual, then use Blender Sponge to blend the different shades into a smooth and natural-looking makeup.

We recommend cleaning the sponge after every use. Use Hair & Body Shampoo and water, then wring out the sponge and leave it to dry.

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