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Giveaway Maria Åkerberg Mineral Powder Vanilla Cold
Giveaway - Maria Åkerberg Mineral Powder Vanilla Cold
Giveaway Maria Åkerberg Mineral Powder Vanilla Cold
Giveaway Maria Åkerberg Mineral Powder Vanilla Cold.
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Maria Åkerberg
Mineral Powder Vanilla Cold is a foundation in a cool, light beige shade with a hint of shimmer, which gives fair skin a beautiful glow.

The product gives your face a more even skin tone. At first glance, it looks like a powder, but when you apply it, it melts into a cream foundation. The minerals in the powder adhere to the skin, giving a very long-lasting result.

Since Mineral Powder does not contain any water, it can be used in temperatures below freezing.

First, use one of our day creams. Give the skin a couple of minutes to absorb the cream before applying Mineral Powder according to the following instructions:

1) Pierce 5–7 holes in the plastic attached on top of the holes in the jar. Leave the rest of the holes covered. Shake the jar carefully to get a little powder inside the lid, then work it into a Kabuki Brush with a "swirling" movement.

2) Tap the brush against the edge of the jar to remove excess powder.

3) Apply Mineral Powder with lightly massaging, circular movements. The more you massage, the more coverage you will get. Less massaging gives a more natural result.

4) Add some extra powder where you want more coverage, and use a smaller brush around the nose and eyes if you need to. Continue until you have obtained a smooth result with a nice glow.

Kabuki Brush:
Specially cut for the unique Mineral Powder application technique. The dense bristles provide an even result with complete coverage.

Eye Definer Brush:
Small, flat brush (our smallest eyeshadow brush), which is perfect for reaching tight areas, for example under the eyes or the wings of the nose.

Kaolin, Silica, Tocopheryl Acetate, Bisabolol.
+/- Mica, CI 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), CI 77947 (Zinc Oxide), CI 77491 (Iron Oxide), CI 77492 (Iron Oxide), CI 77499 (Iron Oxide).