Maria Åkerberg Eye Shadow Base Brush

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Maria Åkerberg Eye Shadow Base Brush
Maria Åkerberg Eye Shadow Base Brush.
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Maria Åkerberg Makeup
Eyeshadow Base Brush is a large, flat brush, specially cut for application of eyeshadow. It is very easy to use, and helps you distribute and blend eyeshadow evenly.

Made of high-quality synthetic bristles.

Eyeshadow Base Brush is ideal for applying a base eyeshadow over the entire eyelid.

Keep the brush clean with Makeup Brush Cleanser. Spray with a small amount and massage gently. Wipe off with paper.

For a deeper clean, we recommend using Hair & Body Shampoo before using Makeup Brush Cleanser. Cleanse and then lay them flat to dry on a towel. If they are left to dry standing up, water will travel into the shaft where it will dissolve the glue and ruin the brush.

Suggested alternatives:
Makeup Sponges, 8 st
MÅ Blender Sponge
Eye Makeup Remover


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